DSDS Safety Guidelines

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  • Arrive at DSDS dressed and ready to dance.
  • If you arrive prior to your class time, please wait in your car to avoid crowds and
    congestion. We have added a 10 minute gap between classes to allow for social distancing
    and sanitizing.
  • Lobby and halls will be monitored by staff to insure social distancing during class transitions
    and exits.
  • Dancers who have a break between classes will need to wait in their assigned areas and
    social distancing rules will apply.
  • Staff will sanitize each studio in between classes.


  • STUDIO 1 OR MAIN OFFICE-Dancers enter/exit through the main studio door(purple awning)
  • STUDIO 2-Dancers enter/exit through door facing Route 22
  • STUDIO 3-Dancers enter through front door/exit through rear door
  • Lobbies are closed to anyone other that staff, students or parents with administrative
    business or need of retail items(Studio 1 only).
  • Parents of younger dancers are encouraged to attach to their dancers bag a contact
    number in case dancer has any separation or behavior issues.
  • Anyone entering the studio MUST wear a mask(except those 4 years of age and younger)


  • All dancers 5 and up must wear masks at all times(with frequent mask breaks taken during classes)
  • Staff will be in masks at all times
  • Dancers will have assigned spaces in class/hallway to put any personal items
  • Only one dancer at a time will be permitted to go to the restroom
  • Class formats will be modified to remove any activity that would require contact between
  • Any dancer who cannot follow the social distancing guidelines will be asked to leave the


  • Parents are asked to screen their own dancers for COVID-19 or other transmissible disease symptoms
  • Anyone with a cough, difficulty breathing or fever greater than 100.4 should NOT come to class.
  • Anyone who has been with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days should not come to class.
  • We ask families to follow all local guidelines regarding travel quarantines.


  • Make up classes must be scheduled in advance.
  • If in-studio space in unavailable due to social distancing requirements and room capacity
    make-ups can be done on Zoom.
  • ALL Make-up classes must be done in the current session.

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