2015 Summer Class Schedule

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Studio 1Studio 2Studio 3
4:00-5:00Hip Hop 1JC Renzetti
5:00-6:00Jazz 4Sasha Vargas5:00-6:00Hip Hop 2JC Renzetti
6:00-7:00Jazz 1Sasha Vargas6:00-7:00Hip Hop 3JC Renzetti
7:00-8:00Jazz 2/3Sasha Vargas7:00-8:00Hip Hop 4JC Renzetti
4:00-5:00Leaps & Turns 3/4Jamie Vecchione4:00-5:00Contemporary 1Brian Hare4:00-5:00Contemporary 2Brandon DiCriscio
5:00-6:00Ballet 1/2Jamie Vecchione5:00-6:00Contemporary 4Brian Hare5:00-6:00Jazz Musical Theater 3Brandon DiCriscio
6:00-7:00Leaps & Turns 2Jamie Vecchione6:00-7:00Jazz 1Brian Hare6:00-7:00Cont. Ballet 3/4Brandon DiCriscio
7:00-8:00Tumbling 3Jamie Vecchione7:00-8:00Strength & Stretch 1/2Brian Hare7:00-8:00Jazz Musical Theater 4Brandon DiCriscio
8:00-9:00Tumbling 2Jamie Vecchione
4:00-5:00Musical Theater 1/2Lauren Blane3:30-4:30Tiny Toes (3-4)Sandy Ferrigno4:30-5:30Intro To Modern (6-10)Shauna Shrewsbury
5:00-6:15Ballet 3Lauren Blane4:30-5:30Shining Stars (4-5)Sandy Ferrigno5:30-6:30Intro To Modern (11-13)Shauna Shrewsbury
6:15-7:15Musical Theater 3/4Lauren Blane5:30-6:30Bop To The Top (5-6)Sandy Ferrigno
7:15-8:30Ballet 4Lauren Blane6:30-7:30Shake & Groove (6-8)Sandy Ferrigno
8:30-9:30Pointe**Lauren Blane7:30-8:30Hip Hop 1/2Sandy Ferrigno
4:00-5:00Tumbling 1Jamie Vecchione4:00-5:00Lyrical 3/4Brian Hare
5:00-6:00Contemporary 3Jamie Vecchione5:00-6:00Improv & Choreo 4Brian Hare5:00-6:00Broadway BoundCarlye Otten
6:00-7:00Shake & GrooveJamie Vecchione6:00-7:00Progressions 3/4Brian Hare6:00-7:00Lyrical 1/2Carlye Otten
7:00-8:00Ballet 1/2Jamie Vecchione7:00-8:00Stretch & Strengthen 3/4Brian Hare7:00-8:00Teen Jazz 1Carlye Otten
8:00-9:00Dancers Body 2/3/4Jamie Vecchione
9:30-11:00Ballet 1/2Avnun Yakubov10:00-11:00Tap 3/4Mark Yonally9:30-10:30Tiny Toes (3-4)Mary Leigh Sturino
11:00-12:30Ballet 3/4Avnun Yakubov11:00-12:00Tap 1/2Mark Yonally10:30-11:30Shining Stars (4-5)Mary Leigh Sturino
Tap Games
Tap & Jazz Music History
Mark Yonally11:30-12:30Bop To The Top (5-6)Mary Leigh Sturino
12:30-1:30Shake & Groove (6-8)Mary Leigh Sturino

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