2019 – 2020 Session Dates

Aug 13, 2019
2019 - 2020 Session Dates
Session 1September 2 – November 2
Session 2November 4 - January 18
Session 3January 20 - March 21
Session 4March 23 - May 30
Winter Break & Spring Break not included.

2019 – 2020 Important Studio Dates and Holidays

Aug 13, 2019
2019 - 202020 Important Dates and Holidays
September 2Labor Day/NO CLASSES (Make-up TBA)
September 3Classes begin
October 31Halloween/NO CLASSES (Make-up TBA)
November 28-29Thanksgiving/NO CLASSES (Make-up TBA)
November 30Classes resume
December 23 - January 4Winter Break
January 6Classes resume
March 23-28Spring Break
March 30Classes resume
June 1-2-3Recital Dress Rehearsal
June 4-5-6Recital
We do not observe school holidays.
All other studio closings (snow days, cold days, etc.) will be issued make-ups and announced via email when applicable.

2019 Fall Rates

Jul 4, 2019
Weekly Hours9 Week SessionWeekly Hours9 Week SessionWeekly Hours9 Week Session

Description of Class Levels and Classes

Jul 21, 2018

Denise Sabala Dance Studios

Description of Class Levels and Classes

Level 1 = Beginner/7-11
Level 2 = Intermediate/9-12
Level 3 = Advanced Intermediate/10-14
Level 4 = Advanced/14-18

Tumbling Levels based on skills
Important Notice: All Students will be placed according to their degree of accomplishment, strength and ability. The correct class is most important for proper advancement of each individual student.Ultimately it is the teacher’s decision where the dancer belongs, class placements can change.

Ballet/Pointe: Technique class covering barre and center floor work, combinations and routines. Ballet is the foundation.

Hip Hop: Combination of jazz technique and street funk movements. Many of these movements are seen in music videos.

Jazz: Technique class including warm-up stretches, techniques across the floor, combinations and routines.
Lyrical: These classes are based on a strong ballet background. Movements are executed to lyrical music with a strong jazz flare.

These classes incorporate a variety of techniques that focus on correct alignment, fall, recovery, centering and proper articulations through warm-up exercises, center floor work and larger locomotors combinations, and newer philosophies of movement that depart from classical dance techniques.
Move, Wiggle & Shake: A Mommy & Me class for ages 18 months – 2.5 year olds.

Musical Theater (including Jazz technique): These classes are based on Broadway Musical Theater Productions. Technique, style, and routines will be covered. Acting & Theater Production study included.

Rhythm & Musicality: This is the class that will give students the ability to create their own choreography and steps in real time as well as a grounding in the principles of music, including rhythm, phrasing and history. Students should be prepared to play rhythm and music games to help them grasp concepts, as well as listen to music in a deep and active manner. One note: dancers who study improvisation almost always learn faster and dance with greater facility than those who don’t! If your son or daughter loves dance, this class will make them better while giving them the skills and tools to express themselves.

Street Jazz: Can be considered hip hop by most, but it has a certain amount of Jazz technique.  Usually dancers who have training in ballet and jazz would understand easier than a dancer who doesn’t.  Think of it as having a Fred Astaire vibe with Nike’s on!

Tap: Tap technique and combinations.

Triple Threat Performance Skills: This class focuses on dance performance, acting and voice articulation

Variations: Variations class focuses on artistry as students learn excerpts from Classical and Contemporary Ballets.

Description of Combination Classes ~Please use age and experience as a “guideline” or Teacher Recommendation.

Combo 3-5 (ages 3-5) Tap/Pre-Ballet/Tumbling A one hour combination class ~ Black tap shoes and pink ballet shoes required.

Combo 5-6 (ages 5-6) Tap/Ballet/Jazz-Hip Hop A one hour combination class ~ students should have at least 1 -3 years experience. Black tap shoes, pink ballet shoes, jazz shoes optional.

Combo 6-7 (ages 6-7) Tap/Ballet/Jazz-Hip Hop A one hour combination class ~ students should have at least 4 years experience. Black tap shoes, pink ballet shoes, jazz shoes optional.

Dance Party: A 45 minute class catered to special needs students.  We will explore our body’s space around us through rhythm, music, socialization and dancing!

Class Attire

Jul 21, 2018

Combo Classes 3-7 years old ~ Any dancewear, any color and any style, just as long as body lines can be seen.

Levels 1-4 ~ Girls: Any dancewear including leotard, tights, leggings, biker shorts, crop tops and fitted tank tops. No loose clothes.
Boys: Fitted t-shirt or tank top with shorts, tights or leggings

Ballet/Pointe ~ Girls: Black leotard and pink tights. Hair in a bun
Boys: Fitted t-shirt or tank top with tights or leggings

Hip Hop/Street Jazz ~ Loose clothes, clean sneakers acceptable


Studio Rules & Regulations

Jul 21, 2018

Denise Sabala Dance Studios


  • Tuition is due upon enrollment (see tuition & class rates). Overdue tuition will be treated in the following manner and will be strictly enforced!
  • Tuition that is 1 week over due will incur a $25 Late Fee. Tuition accounts that go past a week over due will incur an additional $5 Late Fee for every week past due.
  • A $35 Service Fee will be charged for any RETURNED CHECKS.
  • Any returning students beginning class after November 30th must return to the level of instruction from the previous year to begin. They may not automatically advance to the next level. The first three months of instruction are vital for the technical development of each student.
  • If an enrolled student is absent, there will be no credit or refund of tuition. Alternately, students can make up classes at your convenience any time during the present school year. Please see your teacher for appropriate make up class times. If a student is absent or has dropped a class, please inform the studio office. Sometimes absences extend into a few weeks and we would like to be informed in the case of non-returning students so that we can open your spot in the class for others on our waiting list.
  • Please be sure student’s names are inside all dance shoes. If you bring anything of value to the studio, please bring it in the classroom with you. The studio is not responsible for, nor will the studio replace, any stolen or misplaced items!
  • Participation in the year-end recital production is NOT MANDATORY. If you choose to participate, there will be a charge for our costume which is yours you keep. Additionally, there will be an admission fee for tickets to the recital (performers do not need tickets unless occupying a seat for the majority of the show).
  • It is studio policy that costumes for the recital will not be distributed until student’s tuition accounts for the year have been PAID IN FULL!
  • OBSERVATION DAYS Scheduled Once a Month—Levels 1-4 classes are conducted in CLOSED CLASSROOMS. There will be an “Observation Day” scheduled once a month. On these specific days, you may come into the classroom or view at the viewing windows. It is at the instructors’ discretion to allow viewing other than the scheduled “Observation Days”.
  • Class attire will be strictly enforced!  Students will not be allowed to take class in street clothes – NO EXCEPTIONS! (Please see class attire information)
  • EVALUATION PROCESS – At the start of each season, the first few months of class is our evaluation period. This time allows our teaching staff to ensure that students are placed in the proper level according to their individual ability, as well as controlling class sizes.
    We appreciate your cooperation during this period!
  • No smoking or vaping on studio property
  • No refunds, only studio class credits.  Once paid and registered for class or classes, if for any reason a class or classes are dropped, a studio credit shall be held indefinitely in your name.

2018 – 2019 Observation Weeks

Jul 21, 2018
2018 - 2019 Observation Weeks
October 1 - 6
November 5 - 10
December 10 - 15
January 28 - February 2
March 4 - 9
April 15 - 20
May 20 - 25

Tuition Discounts and Payment Information

Aug 3, 2017
  • For Studio policy regarding absences, late tuitions charges, and returned checks, please refer to the“Studio Rules and Information” Choose your classes carefully. If you choose to PRE-PAY for the year, NO refunds issued under any circumstances. CLASS CREDIT ISSUED ONLY

Tuition or Bank checks made payable to Denise Sabala Dance Studios.
We do not accept AMERICAN EXPRESS!

(Automatic payment arrangements are available)

NO Refunds Issued ~ Class Credits Only!